If you don’t know what you’re looking for, picking “THE” villa can be a nerve-wracking experience. In essence, it will be the foundation of your trip, so picking a property you’ll be happy with is important! But how do you know, when you’ve never been there? 

Answering the following questions will help order your thoughts and give focus to your search. 

1. Setting

What do you see when you imagine yourself stepping out the front door of your villa? Are you surrounded by rolling vineyards, a verdant forest, or craggy sea cliffs? If more than one setting would make you happy, that’s fine! It will give your travel advisor some flexibility when he or she is recommending villas you might like. 

2. Surrounding area 

What do you want to find in the area nearby your villa? Some visitors want easy access to a grocery store; others want to be miles from nowhere. Perhaps you’d like a leisurely walk into town or down to the beach. Or maybe you want to be in the center of all the action? 

3. Transportation

How do you expect to get around the area? Are you comfortable driving a car, or will you be using public transportation?

4. Activities

Beyond sightseeing, what activities would you like to arrange? Do you want to go hiking, biking, or horseback riding? Or maybe you prefer to eat at a different fine restaurant every night and visit local wineries. 

5. Accessability

Does anyone in your party have physical limitations? This is a very important point – not just with regard to obvious physical disabilities, but also general fitness. The Amalfi Coast, for example, is nearly verticle, and visitors must be prepared to climb many steps every day. 

5. Room Assignments

Consider your companions. Would some people be willing to share a bathroom, or does each couple need their own en suite? Are there any teenagers who might be content on a sofa bed? 

6. Amenities

Are there certain items you just can’t live with out? For example, a dishwasher or a washing machine? Also think about which areas of the house are most important. Will your group want to have a big kitchen where they can all have cooking lessons together? Or maybe you want to spend your afternoons around a nice big pool. 

Having at least a few of these questions answered before you talk to a travel advisor will speed up the process considerably. Finally, remember to ask the other members of your group for input! You want a villa rental everyone can enjoy.