Organizing a villa vacation is a challenge — and a lot of fun! Thorough pre-trip research can make the difference between a good trip and a truly great adventure. As you begin to think about villas, here are some points to consider.  

Step 1: Budget
Do you want luxurious amenities, or are you looking for something simple? Consider how much time you’ll spend in your property each day. If you intend to make regular day trips, then basic accommodations may be sufficient. If, on the other hand, you plan to spend your days relaxing by the pool, selecting a property with additional amenities and comforts is important. Narrowing down your price range will also help.

Step 2: Season
July and August are high season in Europe, and they are the warmest months. In August, most of Europe is also on vacation! This means beaches and lakes are crowded and cities are full of tourists. Transportation, accommodations, and food are the most expensive. May, June, September and October are better months to enjoy the European countryside. The weather is generally good (not too hot), the locals are in town, and the crowds have thinned. Late fall, winter and early spring are great times to visit cities, as prices are at their lowest.

Step 3: Location
What type of location most perks your interest? Think about what activities you want to do on your vacation. Read by the pool? Visit museums and historical sites? Wander through local markets? Swim in the sea or a lake? Once you’ve targeted a location that offers opportunities for your desired activities, make sure the weather is going to cooperate. For example, you probably don’t want to golf in southern Spain during August (too hot!), just as you probably don’t want to sunbathe in April or early May (too cool!). If you need some help in this area, consider giving one of our travel advisors a call.

Step 4: Size
Do you need one bedroom or ten? If your group is large, would you like a freestanding house or independent apartments? Knowing the needs of your group will help you to select the best venue for your adventure together.

Step 5: Prioritize
Make a list of the attributes most important to you with regard to a property rental — window screens, beautiful views, privacy, proximity to local attractions, etc. Now go back and mark five items that are most important to you. This is what you want to focus on! Also put together a few questions you want to ask about each property. Is it accessible to main sightseeing locations? Is it close enough to a small town to allow me to get groceries without having to drive for 30 minutes?

Step 6: Get Help from Professionals!
Once you have an idea what you’re looking for, give us a ring at  1-800-726-6702. We’ll go to work doing what we do best — coming up with a list of properties that will “tickle your fancy!”