Stay connected!

Let’s say you’ve found the PERFECT villa rental in Italy…but it doesn’t have Internet access. Problem? Not anymore. As long as you have a computer with a USB port you can purchase a chiavetta (key) from any Telecom Italia (TIM) store. The “Internet Mobile” package gives you 40 online hours for 49 Euros. TIM stores are located in all major cities and many large towns.

Side note on Ireland: There are great mobile broadband options from Vodafone. What’s mobile broadband? It’s internet access without the need for a fixed land line. It’s convenient and portable, allowing you to connect wirelessly to the internet wherever you are on the Vodafone Ireland network.


Mobile Hotspot

Another great new option for staying connected while traveling is renting an Italy MiFi device through CellularAbroad. This device provides mobile WiFi access nearly everywhere you go in Italy and unlimited data. If you’re an iPhone user and wish to use your phone in Italy, Italy MiFi will save you money in excess data charges! The device can be used with up to five devices–ideal if you’re renting a villa with friends and family. The MiFi is slightly smaller than a cell phone and has a rechargeable battery life of approximately 4 hours.

  • The MiFi allows you to use your iPhone for surfing, roaming, and posting unlimited photos.
  • Avoid paying for wireless anywhere you’re staying, or having to coordinate with the hotel front desk to set up access.

Photo courtesy of ElvertBarnes @Flickr